Gold, diamonds, and precious gems have been a safe haven investment opportunity for investors since time immemorial. For thousands of years the wealthy especially the top 10 percent of the elite, including Royalty all over the world, have always held a certain percentage of their wealth in these hard assets. Unlike digital or paper assets these diamonds and gems can be tangibly held in the palm of one’s hand at any given time.
Contrary to property and real estate, these rare investments can easily and discretely move with their owners to any part of the world. The rarer the diamond or gem, the safer the investment and the higher the yield. Being so compact and discreet one can easily condense a small percentage of their wealth in a beautiful piece of jewelry for a loved one. These pieces are normally treasured as family heirlooms and passed down to future generations. And in times of need they can be liquidated for unfathomable amounts depending on the number of years they were held.
At the GN Collection we pride ourselves in sourcing top grade investment diamonds and gems from around the world at the most competitive prices, as per our client’s requirements. We highly recommend Fancy colored Diamonds such as Blue, Pink and
Yellow Diamonds, and the extremely rare D Flawless Type 2A White Diamonds, amongst the rainbow of colored diamonds that nature creates. Each piece is extremely rare and unique like a masterpiece of art. No two are the same which is what makes them priceless.

Blue Diamonds

Blue diamonds are exquisitely rare, making them one of the most expensive of the Fancy diamonds and are highly coveted by diamond connoisseurs. Tons of ore has to unearthed before this glittering needle in the haystack can be found.

Blue diamonds were first discovered in India and brought to the west in the 17th century, being sold to King Louis XIV of France, and became part of the French crown jewels. More recently blue diamonds originate not only from the famous Golconda region in India but also from South and West Africa, Australia, Indonesia, and Brazil.

Blue Diamonds are considered to be Type 2b diamonds, making them extremely rare and highly priced. To find pieces of 1 carat and above, with a higher intensity of color is literally a very rare event and can only be authentically done through our long established and deeply rooted contacts. The price appreciation has been a fantastic 110% over the past five years. This high yield ensures that its easily traded privately amongst collectors and investors.

Pink Diamonds

Natural-color pink diamonds are earths exceptional treasures sourced from Australia, South Africa, Tanzania, India, and Brazil. The process by which natural pink diamonds are created is shrouded in mystery, with experts still unsure as to how they are formed. Being so rare less than a hundred carats of pink diamonds are mined every year. This is why they may go for 20 times more than their white diamond counterparts. And are usually adorned by Royalty such as Queen Elizabeth II, and celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Victoria Beckham to name a few.

The term “pink” is used generically, to refer to an entire color range of pink diamonds anything from Brown Pink, and Orange Pink to Purple Pink and the rarest of them all “Red” Diamonds.

Famous Pink Diamonds such as the 59.60 carat “Pink Star” exchange hands at astronomical values of above USD 70 million making it one of the most expensive diamonds sold.

The price appreciation is a phenomenal 443% over the last two decades. In 2003 a 3 carat would trade for around USD 115,000 per carat whereas by 2010 it was trading at USD 625,000 per carat. This makes them the most popular among all colored diamonds as a lucrative investment opportunity.

Yellow Diamonds

For a novice stepping into the world of investing in Fancy Colored Diamonds, Yellow Diamonds offer an attractive entrance. Being very fairly priced compared to their pink and blue counterparts.

One can acquire about a carat of blue diamond for around USD 1 million and above, whereas the yellow offers an opportunity to own around 30 carats of Fancy yellow diamonds for around USD 1.7m, beautifully crafted in a matching suite of statement necklace, earrings and a ring. Not to mention the 30 carats of white diamonds and approximately 50gms of 18k white gold that is included in the price tag and is used to create the bespoke and custom designed set. And if one prefers the lighter shade of yellow then one can get the above for half the price.

As an investment there is an appreciation of over 170 percent over the last two decades. A 2-carat piece that would once go for USD 5000 goes for above USD 13,000. Unlike the blue and pink, the yellow can also be sourced in bigger pieces of 15 to 18 carats each, these bigger sizes make them rare and yield a higher return on value. More is definitely more with the inviting Fancy Yellow Diamond.

These breathtaking golden delights are also hugely popular with celebrities and are often seen on the red carpet at the Oscars and other such events. They were discovered in the late 1860s in South Africa and as was the custom then they were normally first presented to Royalty. These finds were so rare that often times Kings would commission the famous masons of the time to search for unique pieces for their beloved loved ones. Often times it would take decades to source, cut, design, and create the jewelry that they Royalty desired.

The“D” Flawless, Type 2 A

White Diamonds

Majority of engagement rings are popularly adorned with a White Diamond ranging in 1 to 5 carats in G and H color, with a clarity of SI to VVS. The prices of these diamonds have been more or less steady over the last two decades. Infact almost falling slightly due to an influx of many suppliers in the market.

Therefore, we advise our clients to invest in the “D”, Flawless, Type 2A, whenever looking for a white diamond as an investment. D being the highest color grading for the white diamond, Flawless and Internally Flawless being the highest clarity.

What makes these diamonds extremely rare and sought after is the Type 2A classification. According to scientists’ diamonds are classified into two main types, Type I and Type II based on purity, which are then further divided into A and B. Diamonds that fall under these categories comprise of less than 2% of the world’s diamonds. Among these the Type 2A are the most chemically pure type of diamond and often have exceptional optical transparency.

When in possession of such a rare diamond you can be rest assured that your investment is not only sitting safely on the ring finger of your beloved but is also greatly appreciating as time goes by.

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