Our Inspiration

The G.N.Collection manifested from our need to raise funds in Africa for our various charitable projects geared towards the upliftment of the under privileged, especially in Tanzania.

Africa, despite being richly endowed with natural beauty, wildlife, fertile agricultural land and a wealth of minerals such as gold, copper, diamonds, rubies, emeralds and many more, continues to suffer greatly from the lack of basic needs such as water, food, education and healthcare.

The GN Foundation


During the 6 years of voluntary work in Tanzania our constant struggle has been funding.

Coming from a Jeweller’s background we thought of using Tanzania’s most valuable asset as a means to uplift her and her people.

With this in mind we are setting up the G.N.Foundation. 25% of all our profits will go to this foundation. The funds raised through the foundation will be used for various projects in East Africa.

By purchasing your Tanzanite from us you are directly making a difference at the source of this rare gem. We like to work with small scales and artisan miners and always ensure that our gemstones are ethically mined and come from conflict free zones.

high quality tanzanite

Most importantly we source the most beautiful and top grade tanzanite for you, something that you can collect and cherish for generations to come.