Rare and Unique Trillion Shaped Top of the Range Tanzanite Ring with Diamonds – GNDRTR00162


A very Rare and Unique Trillion Shaped Top of the Range Tanzanite has an exceptional Blue fire which is enhanced by stunning Diamonds on the band. This Collectors item is going for an unbelievable bargain price.

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Gold: 18k White Gold. Gold Weight: 6.71 gms

Identification: Natural Tanzanite. Origin: Merelani, Northern Tanzania. No of Pieces: 1. Carat Weight: 5.45  Shape: Trillion Colour: Exceptional BV Clarity: IF Cut: Excellent

No of Pieces: 94 Shape: Round Carat Weight: 0.98 Colour: H Quality: VVS Cut: Excellent

Tanzanite is graded according to the 4C’S criteria:

Carat weight:

The term used to measure a Tanzanite’s weight. One carat weighs 1/5 of a gram.

Colour: Refers to colour quality and its degree of saturation. The depth of colour ranges from Exceptional to Pale, with a ‘B’ or ‘V’ indicating a predominance of blue or violet. VB = VIOLETISH BLUE and BV = BLUISH VIOLET

Clarity: Refers to any natural inclusions, ranging from Eye Clean to Heavily Included.

Cut: Refers to Tanzanite’s brilliance, proportions and finish. An ‘Excellent’ cut ensures that the stone’s facets reflect light to create maximum brilliance.

E – Exceptional
V – Vivid
I – Intense
M – Moderate
L – Light
P – Pale

IF – Internally Flawless
EC – Eye Clean
S – Slightly Included
MI – Moderately Included
HI – Heavily Included

Very Good

All tanzanite is assumed to have been heated to relatively low temperatures. This procedure is complimentary to the natural process placing the tanzanite in a more stable valance state and with no structural or chemical alteration evidenced between heated and unheated tanzanite.

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