Trillion Shaped Tanzanite Pendant -GNMPTR00122


Trillion Shaped Tanzanite set in a Classic Pendant

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Gold: 14k White Gold. Gold Weight: 0.41

Identification: Natural Tanzanite. Origin: Merelani ,Northern Tanzania. No of Pieces: 1. Carat Weight: 0.63  Shape: Trillion Colour: intense BV Clarity: IF Cut: Excellent

Tanzanite is graded according to the 4C’S criteria:

Carat weight:

The term used to measure a Tanzanite’s weight. One carat weighs 1/5 of a gram.

Colour: Refers to colour quality and its degree of saturation. The depth of colour ranges from Exceptional to Pale, with a ‘B’ or ‘V’ indicating a predominance of blue or violet. VB = VIOLETISH BLUE and BV = BLUISH VIOLET

Clarity: Refers to any natural inclusions, ranging from Eye Clean to Heavily Included.

Cut: Refers to Tanzanite’s brilliance, proportions and finish. An ‘Excellent’ cut ensures that the stone’s facets reflect light to create maximum brilliance.

E – Exceptional
V – Vivid
I – Intense
M – Moderate
L – Light
P – Pale

IF – Internally Flawless
EC – Eye Clean
S – Slightly Included
MI – Moderately Included
HI – Heavily Included

Very Good

All tanzanite is assumed to have been heated to relatively low temperatures. This procedure is complimentary to the natural process placing the tanzanite in a more stable valance state and with no structural or chemical alteration evidenced between heated and unheated tanzanite.

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