A Thousand times rarer than diamonds

This mesmerizing peacock blue and violet gem is Earth’s rare and unique gift, found only at Merelani, the foothills of the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, in Northern Tanzania. With only one source on earth, a ten mile radius, which is rapidly depleting with about 10 to 15 years of mining left, Tanzanites are a 1000 times rarer than diamonds.


Discovered in 1967 by a Maasai tribesman, this beautiful blue variety of zoisite was named Tanzanite by Tiffany and Co., in honour of Tanzania,the land of its discovery.

A celebration of new beginnings

Although a new player to the gemstone industry, the Tanzanite has quickly become one of the most popular coloured gemstones. There is an age old Maasai affinity with the colour blue, regarded as sacred, healing and representative of new life. Based on this tradition many people see Tanzanite as ‘the’ birthstone, irrespective of the month and therefore give this beautiful gem as a gift to celebrate new beginnings.


Fiery blue color

A top grade Tanzanite with its exquisite and exceptionally fiery blue colour, comprises of the top 1% of the total stones mined and can outshine a blue sapphire while still being very affordable. Its unique pleochroic nature, shows three different colours when viewed from different angles.Tilt your Tanzanite and you’ll see three distinct colours, in three crystal directions.